About Us


2007 April 1st : Established First Silicon Co., Ltd.
2007 May : Started mass production of Bipolar IC (OP-AMP, Regulator, TR-arrary)
2008 Jan : Started mass production of MOSFET
2008 April : Started mass production of Discrete (TR, Diode, TVS, ESD Protector)
2009 Jan : Started mass production of CMOS (DC/DC converter, Regulator)
2011 May : Venture Company Certified by KIBO (Korean Technology Finance Corp.)
2016 Nov : R&D Center certified by KOITA (Korea International Technology Association)
2017 April : Succeeded in developing FRD as Government Project
2017 April : 400,000 USD invested from IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea)
2018 June : Succeeded in developing Solar Power Optimizer as Government Project
2018 June : 1.5M USD invested from SH investment (VC)
2018 May : Started mass production of Power Optimizer (SolpoMax™)
2019 July : Developed a individual monitoring and safety program for Solpomax™
2019 May : Technology Assessment T3 certified by KED (Korea Enterprise Data)
2020 Mar : Started a government project of power optimizing and individual monitoring
      system for the much larger capacity of Solar PV system