Solar PV


The Benefits of Power Optimizer (*SolpoMax™)
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    Maximize the Solar Energy under the shadowed environment (Clouds, Trees, Mutes, Leaves…)

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    Monitoring and Controlling

    Intelligent monitoring for individual Solar PV modules and inverters and provides the soft shut down and hard shut down functions.

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    Safety and maintenance

    Help increase the life cycle of Solar PV modules since Solpomax help reduce the panel miss match panels’ deterioration by hot spot

SolpoMax is a trademark of FS’s power optimizers line-up
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Usual solar System

All panels are series-connected and there are only 1 MPPT function from the Inverter

    If there is some shadow over just one panel, all panels’ power generation in that string is reduced to the minimum level in their string due to the current bottle neck

Improved by power optimizer(*SolpoMax ™)

Now, there are individual MPPT for each panels by Solpomax

    Now each panel has its own MPPT function, there’s no more current bottleneck phenomenon under shadow situation

SolpoMax is a trademark of FS’s power optimizers line-up
Example of Power Optimization Test and Result
- Comparative Evaluation : With/Without Power Optimizer
- Conditions : 3kW Solar PV System, Shadow condition about 3%
PowerOptimizers 1
PowerOptimizers 1
PowerOptimizers 1
PowerOptimizers 1
SolpoMax is a trademark of FS’s power optimizers line-up
The features of Power Optimizer (SolpoMax™)
Electricity efficiency Up
  • Under shadow area, electricity can be up to 10~50% depending on the shadow situation
  • No shadow area, through panel monitoring, can expect 10~20% O&M cost reduction
    (panel deterioration(0.5~1% down per year)/deviation, repair time/cost/person…)